Massage Parlor – Spring Break featuring Pressley

Massage Parlor – Spring Break featuring Pressley Carter

Massage Parlor
Presley Carter had a new client call her in because his back was tightening up. He clearly felt a little uncomfortable with the fact that she was only 19 years old, but Presley assured him she was a total professional. Plus, she needed to make some money for Spring Break, which was coming up. Presley takes him upstairs and gets right to work on his back. But Presley knows how to work a client. When she removes her robe to reveal her tattooed hip and perfect B cup tits, he is literally putty in her hands. She reaches right up under his towel and starts stroking his building erection. Presley can’t believe his girth and she decides she’s going to work his cock slowly so she can enjoy it as much as he does. She gives him a super slow and deep throat job, making sure to lick the underneath of his cock while working the shaft with her hands. She uses just the right amount of spit and eye contact to make him blow on her tits.

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