Massage Parlor – On The House featuring Naomi

Massage Parlor – On The House featuring Naomi West

Massage Parlor
Naomi West invited Jessy Jones to her massage parlor after meeting him at a bar and wanted to give him a massage On the House. The brunette masseuse poured oil onto his back and started working on him. She had him flip over when he mentioned that her robe was starting to slip off so maybe she would be interested in doing more. Naomi was excited by his offer because she wanted to see what was under the towel. She licked the tip of his cock before taking him completely into her mouth, glancing up at him to make sure he was enjoying it. She took her clothes off so he could eat her pussy while she kept on with the blowjob and deepthroating his dick. She stroked his cock with her hand while sucking and didn’t stop until he finally came. She rubbed the tip of his cock on her tits so she could have his cum all over her.

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