Massage Parlor – Happy Ending Handy featuring Chi & Van

Massage Parlor – Happy Ending Handy featuring Chi Chi Medina & Van Wylde

Massage Parlor
Chi Chi Medina is an experienced masseuse who doesn’t waste any time. When her newest client Van Wylde shows up for a Happy Ending Handy, she quickly escorts him upstairs to the massage parlor and gets to work. Being on time, ready to go and always wet is essential to her massage technique because nothing creates more stress than an unnecessary delay during private relaxation sessions. Her back-rub technique is flawless but it’s her superlative suck skills that really set Ms. Medina apart from so many other hands-on therapists. Notice the way she sneaks a taste as cum trickles between her palm and fingers. You can tell right away that she enjoys her profession almost as much as her clients enjoy being pampered by her hands and mouth!

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