Massage Parlor – The Full Package with Holly & Bradley

Massage Parlor – Massage Parlor – The Full Package featuring Holly Taylor & Bradley Remington

Massage Parlor
Lately Holly Taylor has had an unfortunate string of shy clients who wanted only the very basic service. Finally she gets a good chance to show off all her skills when Brad orders up the full package! It can be really frustrating for a hard working masseuse to be so full of energy and skill with no opportunity to demonstrate her talents, so Holly taps into all that pent up emotion and puts a lot of extra intensity into this session. She even has to lube her hands three different times because the friction was so fierce. Notice the way the jewelry of her pierced nipples and pussy peek out from beneath her designer pink lingerie. When you see that, you know you have a therapist who is never inhibited about her ability to give pleasure and earn your full attention with her unique brand of sensuality. By the end of the session there can be no doubts about the quality of the interlude because her client left a sticky impression all over the side of her face and for Holly… that was the most generous gratuity of all

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