All Girl Massage – Call Me? featuring Lia & Nikita

All Girl Massage – Call Me? with Lia Lor & Nikita Von James

All Girl Massage
Lia Lor has a difficult client in Nikita Von James. Nikita seems riled up and impatient when she sets her sexy body down on the massage table. In fact, Nikita is being a real bitch. But Lia rolls with it, keeping her cool and staying professional even though Nikita refuses to cover up with a towel. This affords you amazing views of her ass cheeks, asshole and sexy pussy as she is spread open on the table. Our close up shots reveal that Nikita is freshly shaven and ready for action. Nikita’s tits look astounding as she shifts over onto her back and demands that Lia massage them. But this isn’t enough. Nikita tells Lia that if she really wants to please her she need to rub her clit. Lia clearly has this game figured out as she spreads Nikita wide so that she can lick her wet, sweet pussy. Watch Lia fuck Nikita’s hole deep with her tongue. Shortly there after these hotties bust out some toys and spend the rest of the session fucking.

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