All Girl Massage – Highly Rated featuring Jenna & Sierra

All Girl Massage – Highly Rated with Jenna J Ross & Sierra Day

All Girl Massage
Sierra Day greets Jenna J Ross and Jenna mentions that she heard how good a massage she gives from her sister. It helps that Sierra is so Highly Rated because instead of laying on the massage table wondering what’s coming next – Ms. Ross can unstrap her shoes and lay back with total peace of mind, knowing full well that she is about to have a great time! Her raspberry lingerie is elegant and lets Sierra see that she has all the cash she needs to turn this session into the big money maker she was hoping for with her rent coming due next week. Notice how Sierra helps Jenna get over her inhibitions as she relieves her of her bra and panties. She’s such a pro and before you know it she has her hands between Jenna’s thighs with her new client completely naked and begging to be touched absolutely everywhere! Soft sensual kisses from her lips to her neck to her labia have Jenna is such a giving mood that she busts out the biggest orgasm she has ever had with a complete stranger. Jenna returns the favor and gives Sierra the tongue-tickling gratuity she desires before heading home to her husband with the rent money in her pocket.

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