Massage Parlor – Nickle Saver with Tracy & Richie

Massage Parlor – Nickle Saver featuring Tracy Sweet & Richie Calhoun

Massage Parlor
When a salesman comes in looking to sell ads in the ‘Nickle Saver’ Tracy Sweet decides to do a little swap. She is willing to give a pro bono massage in exchange for some free advertising. One hand washes the other in more ways than one by the time this scene is over! Tracy lubes up her hands and gets to work, relieving her salesman’s stress and tension. She really works her thumbs deep into his tissue in slow, rhythmic strokes. This massage gets down and dirty when Tracy asks what she can do to get better ad space and bring more clients in for their ‘special’ massages. She quickly gets to work on his swelling cock with her hands and some lube. She slowly and gently wraps her lips and mouth around his semi-hard dong, taking it balls deep into her throat. Tracy knows the importance of keeping the client happy and she lets him cum in her mouth, hoping for a full page advertising spread in return.

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