Massage Parlor – Magic Hands with Tommy & Caprice

Massage Parlor – Magic Hands featuring Tommy Guns & Caprice Capone

Massage Parlor
Caprice Capone has Magic Hands and Tommy Gunn plans to put them to use on his sore shoulder. Little does Tommy know that his discomfort doesn’t stem from his shoulders. That’s just a symptom, but the real issue is deeper than that. Caprice carefully works her magic beneath his towel and uses her warm lips to lovingly kiss away any excess tension. Then her mouth opens and she begins to suck out every last drop of emotional anxiety. As she works his cock, Tommy can feel his shoulders relaxing and his circulation improving. Pretty soon Caprice Capone has Tommy mounted and she is frantically stroking his dick with fantastic hand job technique. Not a drop of cum is wasted with a professional masseuse like Caprice in charge of the massage!

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