Massage Parlor – It’s A Breeze featuring Ashden Breeze & Kevin

Massage Parlor – It’s A Breeze with Ashden Breeze & Kevin Wang

Massage Parlor
Ashden Breeze gets paid on the couch and takes her man by the hand up the stairs. ”It’s so much more personal and affectionate to make contact right away instead of just motioning for a client to follow me up” the sexy masseuse said in our interview that day. Having her hands on his back to warm him and casually slipping out of her black robe, Ashden looks so fucking awesome. She gives ‘one of those Asian type massages’ Kevin has been hoping for after getting him to agree to just add it to his tab. A reach beneath the towel as her natural tits occupy his visual space, and it’s not that far before Ashden has a big thick dick in her mouth! It really is amazing that a girl with such talented hands would also have the tongue skills to take a cumshot out of her clients so quickly. Ms. Breeze really is the complete package!

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