All Girl Massage – What Happens In Vegas with Trinity & Leya

All Girl Massage – What Happens In Vegas featuring Trinity St. Claire & Leya Falcon

All Girl Massage
Poor Trinity St. Clair finds herself stuck in Vegas with people that won’t let her do anything. They arrange for her to have a massage with Leya Falcon who is determined to show Trinity a good time. Her hands and soothing voice work magic on Trinity and her bad attitude. She relaxes so much that her legs spread open as Leya massages her inner thigh. Trinity is a bit apprehensive when Leya flips her over, wanting to massage her breasts but she goes with it. Trinity has never had a woman lover but she can’t help but have her nipples harden at Leya’s experienced touch. Leya comments on her pretty little eighteen year old pussy and goes down on innocent Trinity for her first oral sex experience. Trinity starts moaning and breathing heavily right away as Leya uses her tongue to masturbate her tight hole and clit. See Leya suck, rub and finger Trinity from behind as she raises her ass in the air for deeper penetration. Trinity is eager to please Leya after she cums, to show her how much she has learned

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