Massage Parlor – Hard For The Money featuring Eric & Aimee

Massage Parlor – Hard For The Money with Eric Masterson & Aimee Black

Massage Parlor
Aimee Black needs to pay her rent. A friend recommends tacking on some ”extras” to her massage business and you can tell she’s thinking about it. When she gets to work that day her first client is a married guy with a bad back. Aimee gets up on the table with him less than four minutes in and you can tell she’s working it. Her lingerie looks hot as it peeks out of her black satin robe making you anticipate the moment that she takes it off, revealing her hot, tattooed body. Crazy thing is her client doesn’t even realize how hot she is yet because he is still face down on the table. He is quite shocked when he flips and Aimee goes to work on his cock, enticing him in to get some of the ”extras” she is offering. Aimee works him under the towel for a bit and he is totally hard by the time she removes the towel to suck his cock. Aimee gives him plenty of eye contact to keep him focused and she puts on a good show with her lips and tongue for him. Aimee climbs up on his face and lets him fuck her before hopping down to suck and rub his cock until he cums on her face.

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