All Girl Massage – Birthday Surprise with Rilynn & Layla

All Girl Massage – Birthday Surprise featuring Rilynn Rae & Layla Luxxx

All Girl Massage
Layla Luxxx had a friend send her in for a massage. He said that she would be in good hands and where she was going they handle women the best. Rilynn Rae is all set to take extra good care of her and even flirts with her client to make her feel relaxed. Layla was so new to full body massages that she left her panties on, which Rilynn quickly took off for her. Seeing a woman give another woman a deep issue massage is totally erotic. Seeing Rilynn’s oiled hands working Layla’s lower back and upper thighs is sure to be a huge turn on. When Layla flips over onto her back, exposing her breasts, at first she ops out of the breast rub but leaving the choice up to Rilynn, she gets the full on treatment. Layla’s nipples jump to attention as they are fondled and she doesn’t hesitate to spread her legs when prompted. Now it’s Layla who takes charge, putting Rilynn’s hand on her pussy as a clue. Rilynn keeps it professional until Layla reveals she was set to the massage parlor as a birthday present for Rilynn! Let the pussy eating begin as these two hotties fuck and enjoy each other to the fullest extent.

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